In 1957, Francesco Fezzigna founded his farm in a strip of land called Caraconessa, located 100 meters above the sea level between Umbriatico and Cirò, a great place for wine cultivation, a soil rich in minerals where high native grapes acquire unique features, also thanks to thermal shock (which can reach up to 20 degrees) that occurs between the night and day.

In 2015, after three generations of winemakers that have been handed down experience, knowledge and passion, the Company has evolved directly transforming our grapes, and becoming the first and currently the only winery of Alto Marchesato Crotonese which operates fully and directly all stages of the production, from growing grapes to bottling wine, and even with BIO certification and DOC MELISSA.

The deep dedication to the job, the continuous search for quality, attention to every single detail characterize an artisanal production system, which allows the makers to create red, white and rosé, all certified IGP Calabria and DOC MELISSA that best represent the winemaking traditions of the territory.

Our company currently has 4 hectares of vineyards all located on the same plot of land where there is also the wine cellar, meaning that everything is made without needing to move outside the company. Now we started with a small number of bottles in fact in 2015 we bottled 8000 bottles and for 2016 we have bottled 1,000 bottles of four different varieties.